Is this the HARDEST Interview Question for 2021


What makes this question so difficult to answer??

Whenever you’re talking to recruiters or potential employers, I think there’s one question that can make a huge difference between moving to the next stage in the interview process or having your application rejected.

In theory, this question isn’t a difficult one to answer, it doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge, it doesn’t require a certain level of education and it doesn’t even require any work experience and yet it’s one question that most people fail to answer convincingly.
The question is,

“What appeals to you about this opportunity”

One the face of it, it seems an easy question to answer, you’ve had a chance to check out the company website, you’ve read the job spec so you can probably pick out something like the tech stack or the location or the fact that it offers remote working.

But is that enough?

Is that what the company or the recruiter is looking for when they ask this question?

In my experience, this question is really about core values.
For example, I’m working with a business at the moment who are very clear on their why, they’re very clear on what they’re trying to achieve and what they want impact they want to have.

As a applicant, if your values and your why doesn’t align to theirs, in some way at least, then it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be successful in applying for a position with them.
Now don’t get new wrong, nobody expects you to purely drink the company Kool-Aid but there is a hope that your aspirations and motivations are aligned to their mission and what they’re trying to achieve.

One of the challenges that many candidates face when asked this question is that they rarely receive a useful insight into what the company is looking for – beyond reading the company website, a generic job spec and getting limited information from a recruiter, how can they possibly answer this question convincingly?
I think that recruiters and companies need to get better at communicating their core values, and their “why”.
Not only to attract the most suitable applicants but also to give candidates a fair shot at showing how they’re aligned to these values.

One way that Ripple has been doing this over the past 12 months is by conducting a video Q&A session with our clients – whenever we take on a new vacancy, we jump on a 10-15 minute zoom call and have a very honest chat.

This gives us the chance to ask direct questions around the company’s values and goals, and as we’re recording the session, we can share this with candidates so that they can see first hand how well their own values align.

As a candidate, once you’ve had all this extra information and insight – the question of what appeals to you about this opportunity, suddenly becomes much easier to answer.  So, if you are attending interviews at the moment, make sure that you push back – ask the Recruiter about the companies goals, why they do what they do.
If you can find a company that aligns to your values then you’re much more likely to stay with the business longer, progress further and generally be happier!

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